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Pulse of the Industry - Winners Announced April 14

Brian Muir

  • Brian Muir
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He is an invaluable asset that sees the potential of Goulds future within the industry.
Jake Arriola - Process Equipment Company
Company - US Navy
Title - Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer Brian Muir has demonstrated excellence in exceeding expectations and delivering extra effort to keep his equipment running on the USNS MERCY Hospital Ship, a giant vessel that travels the world. Chief Muir has standardized pump equipment for improved efficiency, and has enhanced procedures for stocking parts and spare pumps to improve his operation’s reliability as it delivers critical medical services.  

Brian Vold

  • Brian Vold
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Company - Rentech Nitrogen

Title - Senior Reliability Engineer

Brian Vold is a champion of efficient operations through the application of pumps that lower energy costs and increase productivity.

Eugene Vogel

  • Eugene Vogel
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He has contributed much to the Industry.
Gary W. Wamsley - JoGar Energy Services
Company - GME, Inc.
Title - President

Eugene Vogel is an experienced technical trainer and active contributor of trade magazine articles about pump systems. Through his instruction and writing he has contributed to the development of untold numbers of pump industry professionals. 

Herb Cook

  • Herb Cook
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Herb has always understood the importance of using quality Goulds OEM parts.
Doug Smith - Lee Mathews a Cogent Company
Company - Johns Manville
Title - Maintenance Manager

Herb Cook has advanced the reliability and productivity of his operation through management of replacement parts and services. He provides an excellent example of how plant operations profit from reliability. 

Jeremy Cooper

  • Jeremy Cooper
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He is always able to answer any question based on his years of vendor, refinery, and EPC work
Brittany Thompson - ITT Goulds Pumps
Company - Bechtel Oil, Gas and Chemical, Inc.
Title - Sr. Rotating Equipment Engineer

As co-chair of API 610, Jeremy Cooper has been a voice for the EPC perspective. He has delivered numerous internal training sessions at Bechtel for both developing and seasoned pump and project engineers, and is always is always able to answer any question based on his years of vendor, refinery and EPC work.  Jeremy is an exceptionally talented engineer and deserves recognition for his time donated to helping improve API 610, as well as for developing successful engineers in our industry.

Kris Berthold

  • Kris Berthold
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Kris is a dedicated engineer with an eye for detail and a knack for learning.
Ryan Utara - ITT Goulds Pumps
Company - ITT Goulds Pumps
Title - Upgrades Engineer

Kris Berthold is a dedicated engineer with an eye for detail and a knack for learning who is deeply interested in progress and improvement. He provides in-depth research on topics and situations in our aftermarket business on a weekly basis, and consistently goes beyond the call of duty in producing impressive engineering documents and valued support. Dedicated to providing quality engineering that coworkers and customers can depend on, he provides effective solutions to complex pumping problems. 

Marc DeSilva

  • Marc DeSilva
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A natural leader known for his extensive knowledge, wit and wisdom...
ITT Goulds Pumps
Company - ITT Goulds Pumps

Title - Business Development Director for Oil & Gas

Marc DeSilva’s long and distinguished career in the pump industry took him to ITT Goulds Pumps, where, as Business Development Director for Oil & Gas, he oversaw significant growth and progress over the past several years. A natural leader known for his extensive knowledge, wit and wisdom, Marc’s passing earlier this year left a void for his colleagues and customers around the world who continue to appreciate his lifetime of contributions. 

Nicolas Budon

  • Nicolas Budon
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He is customer focused, customer is first for him and he is driven only to have a solution that reaches the requirement.
Tiago Miguel Pires Sao Pedro - ITT Goulds Pumps - Spain
Company - ITT Goulds Punps - France
Title - Application Engineer Manager EMEA

Nicolas Budon’s strong customer focus and relentless drive to improve processes so that customers can realize better solutions and quality make him an outstanding application engineer, and a valued resource to colleagues and customers alike.

Pete Verdehem

  • Pete Verdehem
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Company - ITT Goulds Pumps
Title - Project Engineer

Pete Verdehem has been dedicated to the pump industry for more than 20 years, and has been a positive influence on both company operations and the development of newly hired engineers. His knowledge and advice are eagerly sought by colleagues and customers, and he has successfully contributed to numerous multi-million dollar projects around the world. 

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