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The honor roll recognizes people who do an exceptional job of specifying, operating and maintaining industrial pumps, which are the heart of manufacturing. Honoree names and stories will be posted on the website. If selected, your nominee will receive an email notification from ITT Goulds Pumps, and a printable certificate on Pump Appreciation Day – April 12, 2016.

How to Nominate

Fill in the following information.

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  15. *Required information. Names and companies of approved candidates and nominators will be published on the Pulse of Industry Honor Roll.

  16. Why My Candidate Deserves Recognition

    Briefly explain how your nominee meets one or more of the following criteria.

    • Improving pump efficiency
    • Providing outstanding maintenance
    • Solving engineering or manufacturing challenges
    • Exceeding expectations and providing extra effort to keep equipment running
    • Exemplifying high-quality customer service

    Please provide a specific example or other information to show why you think this person does an exceptional job worthy of special recognition. (limit 350 words)

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  18. Confirmation and Selection

    Submissions will be reviewed and honorees selected by ITT Goulds Pumps, the sole sponsor of Pump Appreciation Day and the Pulse of Industry Honor Roll. Employees of ITT Goulds Pumps, its distributors and customers all are eligible, but use or application of ITT Goulds Pumps products is not a requirement.

By submitting this information, you agree that we can contact you or the candidate to verify information. We reserve the right to edit answers to "Why my candidate deserves recognition" and to publish them on the Pulse of Industry Honor Roll or in other media. Approved candidates will be contacted before their names are published on the honor roll. We will not use, display, share, or transfer a user’s data in a manner inconsistent with our privacy policy.

Pulse of Industry Honor Roll

As part of Pump Appreciation Day, ITT Goulds Pumps helped acknowledge the people who keep the heart of industry pumping.
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