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Welcome to the We Are Goulds Pumps Photofest

As we celebrate pumps as the heart of industry, it’s also time to celebrate you... See what being part of the number one brand in industrial pumps meant to you!

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See the galleries that captured the spirit of ITT Goulds Pumps in support of Pump Appreciation Day.

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Photofest Calendar Everyone who submited a photo was included in the new Photofest calendar featuring the grand mosaic.
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Working Together

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The first theme of Photofest is about capturing the collaboration that allows us to achieve our shared goals—between employees, distributors and customers.

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Powering Industry

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The second theme of Photofest is about sharing the nuts and bolts of what Goulds has to offer—from field installations to PRO Services activities.

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Spanning the Globe

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The third and final theme of Photofest is about taking pride in the unique place you live and work, and putting your location in the spotlight.

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Check out the gallery of all the photos submitted from around the world
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